Kardamomuss Restaurante came to life as a tribute that highlights the harvesting of Cardamomo, a product that has brought much growth for over 101 years to the region of  Coban, unfortunately very little has been known about its uses and benefits.

Much can be said about Cardamomo; from the medicinal qualities, such as the use to relieve gastrointestinal and respiratory illnesses, to the use as a condiment that for millions of years has been used in India and the Arab world, which is one of the most valuable aromatic condiment.

Origen Cobán

Cobán is the right location de develop a culinary concept that representa the region where Cardamomo is cultivated. As a condiment, it is a part of the cultural richness of our gastronomy combined with the nutritional value it represented the ideal complement for Kardamomuss proposition of local identity.

Our Gastronomic Offering

Upon the creation of a complex mix of condiments with Cardamomo as our key ingredient, The Kardamomuss menu and products offer an original culinary style unique to Guatemala. Our innovative recipes will wake up and refresh your taste buds. Let us WOW you with flavors and smells that will please your senses!

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