I loved the ambiance and the menu. The cardamomo coffee is incredible. The fact that you can buy cardamomo coffee and jams to go make a unique souvenir.

When we visited Coban, Kardamomuss was not listed here as a restaurant. So when we came across it, we didn't quite know what to expect. We saw it after trying to have a tour of the coffee finca. The next day we again tried to get a coffee tour with no luck, so then had a peek inside and decided to return for dinner that night.

What a fantastic experience we had! Everything was wonderful—the drinks (red wine and a cocktail), the soup, the main dishes, the dessert, the coffee and especially our waiter. He took such good care of us. My companion has celiac disease and the cook prepared her dinner specially so that it was safe for her to eat. We so appreciated that.

I think our waiter's name was Oskar (although I'm not sure as I lost all my notes when my computer crashed) and he was delightful. He gave us some history of Cardamom in the region and also some sample pods to take home. Once back home I realized how superior these pods were to the ones I had in my spice cupboard.

When Oskar heard that we were disappointed in not getting a coffee tour, he opened up the room next to the restaurant and showed us all the old photos and gave us a history of the finca. It really meant a lot of us and salvaged our trip to Coban.

The food is great, the place clean and the service superb! The prices are comfortable too and you can make a reservation or just show up.