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Kardamomuss was born in Cobán, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, August 4th 2011.

KARDMOMUSS Restaurant, born as a tribute and exaltation to cardamom; fruit which has received a lot of wealth to the region of Las Verapaces, during the 101th years of it's arrival. However little we have known of it's use and virtues.

Much can be said of their curative qualities and pharmacological, as it's use for the relief of gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases, to be a millennial condiment used in India and the Arab world, which represents one of the most valued spices.

 Coban Origin

Cobán is the suitable place for having created this culinary concept, not only for being the region where it is cultivated cardamom, but because it also has a great cultural richness and other crop species, as ingredients gastronomic, high nutritional value, which combined, GIVE THE STAMP OF ORIGIN COBAN, forming part of a suitable complement to KARDAMOMUSS with which we must achieve a positioning of local identity.

Our gastronomic proposal

To create this complicity between spices, Kardamomuss Restaurant, is demonstrating that your kitchen has a sense of culinary origin. Creating a single proposal in Guatemala, to attract diners willing to dare to be released by the dogma and the culinary involution. A concept that involves a language-oriented cuisine "TECNOEMOCIONAL". A concept that involves the history of culture, with the future of cooking.

What is the kitchen TECNOEMOCIONAL?

The objective of the dishes created under this principle, is to achieve emotion in the diner, and to do this we will be relying on new techniques in their elaboration, remain ourselves interpreters of so spectacular ingredients. In addition to creating dishes, another of the objectives is to open gaps for new culinary trends that exalt themselves our ingredients of region.

With the foregoing we are posing a challenge to the development of culinary local dishes / regional / traditional, such as an evolutionary proposal from our regionalism. Create new records to the Palate of the diner, as part of that daring culinary, form part of that strategy interpreted by our cooks, who contribute their senses and emotions in each dish.

Our kitchen has the peculiarity of offering a service of feelings shared. Be a complex creative and innovative, of a new local and national cuisine. Of a particular taste and own. Breaking the paradigms of the traditional cuisine, with the use of ingredients without identity. Offering a culinary art that offers emotional pleasure. Fostering creativity, with flavors and aromas fresh and renewed.

"KARDAMOMUSS; more than a restaurant a concept"